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Jun 2014– present
Member of the Design Research Society, London, UK

May 2017– present
Member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Designtheorie und -forschung (DGTF), Berlin, Germany


Mar 2018

Paper reviewer for Designing Interactive Systems conference (DIS)

Jan 2017– present
Founder of Design — Research — Making
Role: Conception, creation and administration of a non-profit online platform, dedicated to international, cross-institutional discussion between design researchers, 
academics, design theorists and practitioners. 

May 2015– Jun 16
Conference Experience Chair
Design Research Society conference 2016 (DRS) “Design + Research + Society — Future-focused thinking” 
Together with Dr Dan Lockton and Prof Peter Lloyd, I developed coherent conference experience guidelines for the 50th anniversary conference of the Design Research Society. The conference took place at the Brighton Royal Pavilion Estate and at University of Brighton, School of Art, Design, and Media.




Ranner, V. "Polyphonic Design-Science — Critical Bio-Design through the Example of Reverse Engineered Silk" (2018). Part of the panel talk "Design and Science: Catalysing Collaborations" at the Swiss Design Network summit "Beyond Change", Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland.

‘Polyphonic Futures — Design-Science between Polymorphism and Polyphonic Dialogism’, presenter,  ‘Silk Unravelled’ symposium, Senate House, London, UK.

‘Design and Bio-Digital Interfaces — Polyphonic Biodesign’, opening keynote at the ADM Symposium “Innovation, Biodesign, Culture and Technology”, School of Art, Design & Media, Nanyang Technology University (NTU), Singapore, SGP.

Ranner, V. “Speculative Subtlety”, opening keynote debate on "(Speculative) Futures in Design Research", Design Research Society Conference (DRS 2016), Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK. Available at:

Ranner, V., Lockton, D. “Plans and speculated actions”(2016) Conversation with invited catalysts Gyorgyi Galik (Royal College of Art, UK), Dr Tobie Kerridge (Goldsmiths, UK), and Dr Molly Steenson (Carnegie Mellon University, USA). Presented at the Design Research Conference (DRS 2016), 27th- 30th June 2016, Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK.

Ranner, V., Lockton, D. “Reflective Silk —Behaviour change through better self-knowledge”. Paper presented at the Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts Conference (DRHA 2015), Dublin City University, Ireland.

‘Design for Dialogue’, panel speaker (“catalyst”), organised by Culture Lab (Newcastle) at the Design Research Conference (DRS 2014), Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden.

‘Designing with Environmental Data’, live publisher with the Interaction Design Studio at Goldsmiths University, examining the format of the “data crit/ art crit” as an impetus for participatory exchange at the Design Research Conference (DRS 2014), Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden.
Ranner, V. “Silken Selves”. Paper presented in The Human After Anthropocentrism? Life. Matter. Being. strand at the London Conference of Critical Thought (LCCT), Goldsmith University, London, UK.

Ranner, V., Walker, K. “Scientific Illustration v. the Quantified Self”. Abstract and poster presented at 4th International Illustration Symposium “Science, Imagination & the Illustration of Knowledge”, 7th - 8th Nov 2013 at Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford, UK.